Conversion Of The Video By Downloading It

Video conversion takes place when you download a particular video. Mobile phones today act like the monitor of your computer screen but the processors of mobile phones are not advanced and powerful that they can play the entire file of the video so for that purpose the space needs to be reduced and if you have a converter half your problem is solved in seconds. The formats which are available to be converted are many and it is easily converted as well. The converter of Movavi lets you do all the conversion happily.


To download video converter you need to follow certain steps by looking at the tutorial and then it is saved in your mobile phone as well once it is transferred to your computer.

First step- the initial step is of installation. The program needs to be installed as the file of distribution is downloaded. This is downloaded for the converter of Movavi. Then the file needs to be run and the program is then installed in your computer. The wizard of installation has to be seen from the screen of computer and follow that.

Second step- the files which are converted for media has to be added up. The button has to be clicked and then the dialogue box appears from which the clips of movie and video is seen from the window and then from that you have to select to be able to convert it to your mobile phone. Then in the program the files will be added.

Third step- the preset of output has to be selected. The menu of conversion will be seen on the downside of the screen and then from the devices preset can be viewed. The devices are arranged accordingly by the system of operating, the type of brand and the preset list of selection. The resolution of the video has to be specified by you on the device.

Fourth step- for mobile the conversion of files take place and the final step is to press the button of convert available on the menu and then the process of encoding takes place which when completed will show the folder of output that opens.

Fifth step- this step is optional as in if the video needs to be transferred to the mobile then from the folder of the destination you need to choose the file that need to be stored in the device which you want and then the copy button has to be clicked. The flash drive now works in transferring the file. In the given device you need to paste it and then your work is ready.

The steps are extremely simple as it is provided with steps. Similarly the conversion also takes place for other phones with different operating system. The compression of the files has to be done so as to drive the software to your way. So changing of the format of the video is also simple and quick within the range.