Ideas to Decorate Your 1bhk

If you are searching for 1 bhk flat in Mumbai then you should look around for it in Kalyan, Sakinaka and other developing areas. See for property in Mumbai here. Once you have finalized the price and done with all legal formalities then the next step is to move in.

Before moving in one of the most important and challenging things to do are the interior decoration. It has to be uncomplicated and practical. Here are some interior decoration tips that will add an extra style while keeping the budget in check.

Bare Minimum Furniture

The most significant aspect to keep in mind for decorating a little flat is to keep the number of furniture bare minimum; a 1BHK is too tiny to accommodate big wooden sofas and family dining tables. It will be always a good idea to buy furniture with multi utilities like convertible Sofas, table cum storage units. In the living room it is best to use bean bags and a mattress on the floor with cushions on it. Products like table mate will be a great add on. You can also use your old suitcase as a small centre table by covering it with a table cloth.

Clutter Free

One thing that is a turn off in any house is clutter, this makes it look messed up and small in size and also takes away the entire mood of the room. When a flat is properly arranged and decorated it will look large & spacious. To create a clutter free home it best to get rid of unwanted items for example the old newspapers, bottles, covers etc can be sold.

Go Green

Going green will always add a hint of fresh air into any room. If you think you can’t take care of plants at home because you lack time then, try paper plants and trees. It looks so original that it is very hard to differentiate it from the real ones.

Colour Aesthetics

A lot of curtains make your flat look smaller and inept. That is the reason wall paint colors are used to segregate areas in a tiny space. You can paint your favorite red on a wall and keep the dining table attached to it which makes it look like a dining room within the living room

Collectibles, Frames and Pillows

Show your personality by putting together all your collectibles and using them to decorate your flat. Find the right area of display for these and place them aesthetically. It is also good to hang some picture frames to wall in a good alignment and view. There are also designer pillows available in market which are tiny and cute and can be used as an add on in your bedroom or hall.


For creating a pleasant atmosphere in the flat it is always good to install some ambient lighting. The main lighting in the hall can be a Chandelier installed in a good position so that it doesn’t bring in shadows. Buy a few varieties of lamps to install it on the shelves in the hall, study table in the bedroom etc. The photo frames and the wall paintings can be lighted with small LED bulbs. Usage of large candles is also an option to create a romantic ambience.

Deciding On a Theme

It depends on your taste  what kind of theme you like for your flat, if you are retro person, design your flat in retro theme, buy  antiques from Colaba market , wall paintings of old Bombay ,arrange a few old Bollywood & Hollywood movie posters and place it on the wall aesthetically. This gives your flat a Retro ambience. Similarly it can be any theme according to the varying taste of people in your family.