Longest Serving Employee Unveils 35th Anniversary Plaque at Magor Brewery

AB InBev UK’s largest brewery celebrated its 35th anniversary and chose long serving employee David Ball to reveal a commemorative plaque.

The brewery was constructed in 1979 for AB InBev and now has over 400 members of staff who manufacture popular alcoholic drinks, such as Beck’s, Budweiser and Stella Artois.

Having been hired by the Magor Brewery at the age of 18, David Ball has been an employee for the past 31 years and has enjoyed his time working there.

He spoke of the changes that have happened during that time as the brewery has worked with several big brands.

David’s first position was in the lab and it wasn’t until a few years later at the age of 23 that he found his calling as a brewing technician.

Interestingly, David was not the first in his family to work at the Magor Brewery as his uncle and father both held positions there before him.

David’s father was in fact part of the construction crew that initially built the brewery and later took on a role as the maturation process operator.

In closing, David said: “It was an honour to unveil the plaque… its brilliant working here and I hope to work here until I retire”.