Scandals That Rocked America

Scandals; some say they make the world go round, while others consider them heresy. Whichever way you look at them, scandals have shaped the world and defined the destiny of many individuals and events in our lifetime. The following are some scandals that intrigued Ira D. Riklis, which have since rocked the country.

Bradley Manning

Manning was acquitted on 30th July for aiding the enemy, but that was as far as his luck would run, as he got the penalty for more than 20 crimes against the nation. He was found guilty of having exchanged more than 700,000 military and government files with WikiLeaks, a website dedicated to anti-secrecy, and exposing high level government secrets. Some of the content of the leaks included secret airstrike videos thatshowed merciless killing of civilians and highly sensitive diplomatic cables.

Edward Snowden

The former NSA contractor leaked lots of classified NSA documents with regards to the code name PRISM project that the government was using to play big brother on residents and citizens of different countries all over the world. The program was instituted to monitor phone and internet activity.

Thomas Drake

In 2010 Drake hit the headlines about alleged mismanagement of funds and financial waste, reporting to the Baltimore Sun. Once an NSA senior executive, he provided insightful information to the news agency, but was lucky to get away with only one year probation and community service.

Linda Tripp

She was key to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, having made tapes of Monica Lewinsky’s sexual relationship with the president. She used her position as a member of the White House staff to get closer to Monica, and took advantage of the friendship to the detriment of President Clinton.

Eric Lichtbau & James Risen

The New York Times reporters exposed intricate details about a wiretapping program that was established by the Bush administration in 2005. They however got most of the inside information form leakers.

Abu Gharib

In 2004 journalist Seymour Hersh hit the headlines with stories about the mistreatment of detainees at a secret military camp closer to Baghdad, Abu Gharib. This, from leaked images and reports, would soon see an inquest into the allegations, and a lot of revelations came to light.

Daniel Ellsberg

Ellsberg became the first individual to ever be punished and prosecuted under the Espionage Act due to the nature of the information that he leaked to the public. In particular he released highly sensitive Pentagon Papers and classified documents which revealed the involvement of the US military in Vietnam. Interestingly White House agents broke into his psychiatrist’s office hoping to unravel information that would discredit his claims, and the judge had to throw away the case.

Jesselyn Radack

While acting as an ethical adviser for the Justice Department, she revealed that the FBI had interrogated an individual, John Walker Lindh in the absence of an attorney. Lindh was famously referred to as the American Taliban, and Jesselyn was relieved of her duties. At the moment she serves as an attorney and advocate for whistleblowers.