Three Small Apartment Decorating Principles You Should Know


No fullness for the small apartment

The fullness is popular in fashion circles these days. But it is not suitable for small apartment. It will shrink the room size if you creating many spotlight at the same time in the limited space, which will lack of wholeness. The right decorating way is to choose the bright color, for the dark color will shrink the room space. Besides, you should try not to do the suspended ceiling. If you want to, you should avoid the up and down echo. As to the floor, using one material for all the dry area is enough.

Prefer soft to hard for the small apartment

No matter for a young family or the single, it is a must for all kinds of functions which a family required. For example, watching TV, reading, dining and doing exercise needs individual space. Having space does not mean separate the space. That is to say, you had better not use the hard separation such as wall. It is much better to differentiate the space by soft decorating. For example, you may use the bead curtain to separate the living room and dining room, bookshelf to separate the bedroom and living room, creating the balcony as the reading area.

As to the furniture, you should choose the small and light furniture for small apartment. Otherwise, you will fill up the room space. It makes you feel repressed. And the moveable and changeable furniture is a good choice. They not only can serve as bed, but also as sofa. For the decorating style, you had better choose modern simple decorating style, trying to reduce the construction replacing by the collocation and ornaments decorating.

Suitable adding and reduce

The small apartment makes the family more warm and cozy and adds more intimacy relationship for the family members. If you learn to add and reduce for the limited space, it will make the effect more agreeable. For the whole view of the decorating, the small apartment should keep concise. However, for the light, you should spend more time on it, creating the effect by taking advantage of the light which can form different visual space.

If you are not a frequent cooker, the equipment from the kitchen could reduce some. You may try the open style kitchen, the little bar counter as the place for making breakfast area or reading area. It could be the working counter of one of yours. The things you should pay attention to that the small apartment stresses the life quality, either. Especially for modern family, it has detailed requirements for electric circuit and net lines. The design for the home will be more practical and scientific.